Becoming an addams ancestor i the addams family at 3-d theatricals

Watch me put on makeup, drink coffee, sing happy birthday, make weird mascara faces, and primp for 45 minutes all under 4 1/2 minutes!

Addams family musical ancestor (flapper) makeup tutorial scp

Watch as brandi teaches us how to apply ancestor makeup for the addams family musical.

Addams family, ancestor makeup tutorial

This video is about addams makeup tutorial.

Addams family makeup ancestor

This video is about addams family makeup ancestor.

Ancestor makeup dayedmts the addams family

How do you give 28 performers a tutorial on how to apply their ancestor makeup? This is how! Each performer got a personalized diagram, a bag of makeup,.

The addams family ancestor makeup tutorial

In cyt spokanes production our ancestors will all be in slightly different versions of this basic look! Good luck!

Addams family musical ancestor flight attendant makeup

Time lapse of me doing my ancestor makeup as the flight attendant in the addams family musical!

The addams family behind the scenes make-up application

Elizabeth hake, cast member in the international tour of the addams family musical, applies her make-up prior to curtain.

The addams family musical ancestor makeup ndp 2015

This is my tutorial based on pictures ive looked at! Im not a pro, i just really love makeup! The makeup ive used is: ben nye color cake foundation in white,.

Morticia addams makeup tutorial

Open me for links and details! This is the new beauty channel! purchase madeulook merch,.