Country size comparison (all 195 flag map ranking)

A continuous zoom out shot of all countries according to area with a grid background. Full zoom preview towards the end. Note: 1) countries are classified.

The true size of africa

Dravidian miners south africa 3000 yrs ago - michael tellinger

The makomati people or dravidians from southern india and sri lanka, were active in southern africa more than 2000 years ago mining gold and trading in.

What does earth look like?

Follow michael stevens extra info & links below! Dr. Julian bayliss rainforest story: .

Top 5 horrific shark attack footage caught on tape 2016

Have you ever imagined being attacked by the shark? In this video we take a look of the top 5 horrific great white shark attack footage caught on tape 2016.

Maps that prove you dont really know earth

Youll never trust a map again. Check out more awesome buzzfeedblue videos! music phat hair day licensed via warner.

Why every world map youre looking at is wrong

Why every world map youre looking at is wrong: africa, china and india are distorted despite access to accurate satellite data take a look at a map today, and.

Africa deception: the true size of africa

In the usa it is bling-bling, in africa its bling-bang! Video comparing the mercator projection of 1596 with the gall-peters projection of 1974. The true size of.

Dinosaur size comparison (microraptor to amphicoelias)

2016 update with colour: a single shot comparison of many popular dinosaurs from microraptor to.

The legend of the submarine

The submarine, an enormous and mythical great white shark that supposedly terrorized south africans 30 to 44 years ago, might have actually existed, suggest.