Us senator ron johnson - the truth about the federal budget (2013)

This is the video i shot of wisconsin senator ron johnsons presentation on the truth about the federal budget. This presentation was made on august 31, 2013.

2013 sequestration: cuts to the u.s. federal budget and u.s. government finance

In the united states federal budget, the sequester or sequestration refers to across the board reductions to the planned increases in federal spending that have.

Canadian construction association reaction to the 2013 federal budget

Ottawa the canadian construction association says the 2013 federal budget held several wins for the canadian construction industry, including 70 billion.

Overview of the federal budget

1. Congressional budget office december 4, 2013 overview of the federal budget national conference of state legislatures fall forum jeff holland chief,.

Us senate debates federal budget spending

2014 united states federal budget

Wall st and washington, september 2013

Senator green introduces sjr 5: its time for a balanced federal budget.

Michigan state senator mike green introduced senate joint resolution 5 to amend the united states constitution requiring the federal government to pass a.

Sen. flake on federal budget priorities

Sen. Jeff flake (r-az) on why the federal government must be funded at the level already outlined in the budget control act, and why weakening current law.

Rudman center conference: current realities and political challenges