Supernatural: top 20 favorite quotes

My personal top 20 favorite quotes from supernatural.

Mean tweets live

For an entire week of shows we invited celebrities to read the terrible things people tweet about them live in front of our studio audience. This is the live edition of.

Cleverbot evie reading famous movie quotes we sing miley cyrus

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Supernatural - castiels one liners

Castiel is a fantastic character, and a lot of his lines crack me up, so i decided to put them all together. Enjoy!:)

Lucifer clip - lucifers true form

Pilot: lucifer morningstar, the retired angel of hell, owns a high end night club in los angeles. When the pop star he tries to help is murdered in front of him by.

Creepy text theatre with sasha grey

Sasha grey stopped by to help us demonstrate how not to pursue a potential mate on your phone. Things get creepy. Open windows: jill (sasha.

Hells kitchen- top ten ramsay one-liners

Theyre the most memorable and hilarious insults that culinary ninja gordon ramsay has ever spewed on hk. And theyre not the basic you donkey, fuck off.

Nick jonas - levels

Nick jonas - levels

Katy perry e t parody charlie sheen quotes youtube

This song is available on itunes - written, sung, edited & performed by.

Supernatural dean singing eye of the tiger

Dean singing eye of the tiger with real scene first.