Utata-p ft. - most certainly...undoubtedly...a goddess!! (english subtitles)

S-so. th-that which our world is to be gifted with is. (this is not serious people!) utata-p, wogura, and toriihitsuji dont let up when it comes to finding creative.

Tool - the pot (lyrics and meaning)

Edit: this description has just been edited (july 28 2014). I wrote the initial description when i was 15. No further comment necessary. Almost everything in the.

Beatriz of dia - a chantar mer de so

The comtessa de dia (countess of die), probably named beatritz or beatriz (1140-1175), was a trobairitz (female troubadour). She is only known as the.

Ornella vanoni - lappuntamento

Testo: ho sbagliato tante volte ormai che lo so già che oggi quasi certamente sto sbagliando su di te ma una volta in più che cosa pu cambiare nella vita.

Offline is the new luxury - thefutureshow with gerd leonhard, season 1, episode 5

This is episode 5 of the future show (tfs) with gerd leonhard, season 1 offline is the new luxury. The topics: in the near future, there will be almost.

Hatter x alice: this is impossible. confession

That is just something really little (and kind of messed up) i made out of boredom. Dont take it too seriously. Oh, how i wished i had sony vegas. Imovie is.

John lennon, the beatles, and jesus?

On march 4, 1966, in an interview printed in the london evening standard, john lennon made the following statement: christianity will go. It will vanish and.

2015 nissan juke nismo rs now concept review

2015 nissan juke nismo rsnow concept the juke nismo rs crossover is no stranger to tough conditions, so nissan recently put a special customized version.

What is a manic pixie dream girl?

Manic pixie dream girl has been added to , but where does it come from? Watch our video to find out, and learn more about all our new.

Anchorman trailer

Original anchorman trailer edit: i didnt make this trailer it was the original theatrical trailer.