Alternative nobel prize to hazara human rights activist sima samar

Promoters of peace, human rights, and the environment were named as winners of this years right livelihood awards, dubbed by some the alternative nobels.

When michelle alexander and dr. harding visited manual high school, denver

Warren farrell protest at university of toronto - full version

See also blog update: protesters continue to insist that feminism holds the answer to all problems at a protest at queens park, the.

Sichuan police manual details tibet repression psychology

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Is the legalization of pedophilia right around the corner?

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Lpac 2013: gun rights activists and liberty porcupines

In todays video, christopher greene of amtv interviews guests at lpac 2013.

Indias inhuman practice of manual scavenging and untouchability ashif shaikh tedxwalledcity

Mahatama gandhi, 110 years ago, lead a movement to end manual scavenging and untouchability in india. However, even today over a million dalits are.

Umar johnson compilation black feminism, queer rights & ferguson - kansas city, ks

The state of the race black america at the end of the obama era. Sponsored by: xseed in life, 2:50, discussion about the american psychiatric.

Endangered activist erick vidal martinez 27 oct 2012

Ie activist training manual - labor and discrimination