Althoff woodshop making a butcher block cutting board - 4k

A look into how i make my butcher blocks. I condensed about 9 hours of work into less than 9 minutes for the video. It is made of maple and cherry and is 2.

Butcher block countertop - glue up

I took the long grain glueup and sliced it width-wise to get 1 1/8 thick pieces for the final.

How to build a butcher-block island - this old house

How to assemble this modern take on the classic kitchen island. (see below for a shopping list and tools.) click here to subscribe to the official this old.

End grain butcher block

Cherry and maple, 18 by 21 by 3.25

Diy butcher block workbench

A chronicle of a butcher block workbench build. I chose a flat early american stain finish, i plan to let it wear and touch up with stain or oil. The workbench is.

Making a butcher block desk 003

Making a butcher block desk from hard maple. The legs are 2 steel pipe. Visit my website: support mccauleys design on.

Shuffleboard table manufacturing: butcher block playing surface

Mcclure tables builds their shuffleboard tables by starting out with locally harvested hard maple wood that is then ripped to width for board thickness using a.

Butcher block

How to video on making a butcher block in spokane.

Build it black pipe bookshelf

Watch the full episode: ask this old house general contractor tom silva creates a shelf using black.

Diy wood countertop butcher block style anyone can do this one!

My kitchen was in need of a make-over! My husband and i decided to diy! (do it yourself) i made my own island countertop from scratch! I show exactly what i.