Zero point technologies, monoatomic gold, and the secret of modern alchemy

White powder gold superhealth through modern alchemy now is the time for superhealth, both physically and.

Watch atoms of gold on feo move under an electron microscope

Watch as atoms of gold particles move under elevated temperatures in a tem using a protochips aduro holder. Near the end 2 gold particles actually merge to.

Calculate the mass of a single atom or molecule

How do you calculate the mass of a single atom or molecule? In this video, well answer the following questions: what is the mass in grams of a single atom of.

Life hidden truth 2013 revealed!

Form the most important discovery of our times comes the truth! By jim marrs - must see! If you love jordan maxwell, david.

Jim marrs documentary - future technology from the past

Future technology from the past jim marrs documentary - a feature length video presentation with jim marrs speaking at length on the subject of alchemy.

A boy and his atom: the worlds smallest movie

Youre about to see the movie that holds the guinness world records record for the worlds smallest stop-motion film (see how it was made at.

Zptech, 2012 alchemy, monotomic gold, shift consciousness, zero point technologies

2012 alchemy is now released! See link white powder gold super health through modern alchemy now is.

Nanotechnology: how world can be change? full documentary 2015

Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at dimensions between approximately 1 and 100 nanometers (nm), where unique phenomena.

Agau(sr) cluster core with dopant gold at the centre

This video demonstrates 360 view of the doped ag(sr)cluster core with a single au atom. The dopant perturbed the original ag structure as.

En conférence h. schwarz - ménage-à-trois single-atom catalysis and computational chemistry

Conférence de helmut schwarz intitulée ménage-à-trois: single-atom catalysis, mass spectrometry, and computational chemistry introduction.