Top 10 dangerous cities in the us

Lock your doors, watch your back and store your valuables in your trunk. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 most.

12 of the worst places to live in the u.s.

Get more tips here! are you thinking of relocating somewhere in the states? Make sure you take a look at the 12 worst places to live in.

Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world

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San bernardino, ca second poorest city in u s

All rights to the owner who made this video. Alot of people talk about how ghetto & poor there city is well welcome to my city.

Top 10 poorest counties in california 2014

What are the poorest counties in california in 2014? Ranked by median household income.

Top 10 largest cities in california

A video featuring some of the iconic global cities like san francisco, los angeles and san diego.

The 10 poorest us states in 2013

What which states are the poorest? Which ones have the lowest gdp per capita?

10 stupid lottery winners

People who won the jackpot and lost everything. Subscribe to our channel: for copyright matters please contact us at:.

Top 10 richest places in california 2013

What are the richest places in california? These are neighbourhoods and communities where the truly wealthy live. By median household income.

Top 10 us cities youre most likely to be murdered in

Top 10 us cities youre most likely to be murdered in americas a pretty big place, and thus has many safe places to live, along with many others far less so.