3 girls, 22 days, road trip across america (san diego to chicago)

Three girls in their 20s, embarked on a three-week long road trip through the historic route 66 in summer 2014; this is their first road trip and they sure it wont be.

Porsche 911 road trip across america full video

Endangered experiences road trip in air cooled porsche 911s across america. Check out the kickstarter for season 2 of a photographer in:.

Usa road trip - west coast to east coast 2015

A road trip across the entire usa! See what its like to drive cross country and see the gradual changing landscape of the beautiful cities and national parks.

Hd timelapse: road trip across america (full version)

Song list below!) from july 20th to august 5th, 2013, a friend and i toured around the nation. For the first leg of our trip, we started in cleveland, ohio and drove.

6 week road trip across america - gopro hero 3 1080p

In the summer of 2014, myself and my four best friends embarked on a 7000 mile, 6-week long road trip across the united states. Our goal was simple - to.

Who is job 3.0: road trip across america s2e8

Watch jobs new season on red bull tv: professional surfer jamie obrien and co start their road trip across the us with plans to.

Solo cross country road trip united states:: part 1

Join me as i travel 6 thousand miles across north america! This episode i visit antique archaeology (american pickers), travel through illinois, iowa, nebraska,.

Usa road trip 2011 chapter 1 nyc

Episode 1 of a multi part series documenting the epic road trip adventure louis and 14 heroes embarked on driving 9000 miles across the usa in a school bus.

Usa road trip - oranges across america

Usa road trip across america! Summer of 2014 me and my wife bought an rv. Took two months off of work to travel across america in our 96 raven xl.

Drivelapse usa - 5 minute roadtrip timelapse tour around america

Usa cross-country roadtrip 2011 map, data, summary, photos, equipment used: like.