Proton nmr - how to analyze the peaks of h-nmr spectroscopy

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3. nmr spectroscopy - chemical shift and regions of the spectrum

Visit for notes on this topic. Thanks for watching! Explanation of why hydrogens in different chemical environments.

Nmr interpretation part 1

A quick review of the proton spectrum of ethyl crotonate and an introduction to interpreting carbon-13 spectra.

How2: interpret a proton nmr spectrum

Shows a method for getting all the useful information out of a proton nmr spectrum and using it to piece together the identity of an unknown molecule.

Fourier transform, fourier series, and frequency spectrum

Fourier series and fourier transform with easy to understand 3d animations.

How2: interpret a carbon-13 nmr spectrum

A carbon-13 nmr spectrum is useful in choosing between possible isomers. This video shows you how to interpret one.

1. nmr spectroscopy - introduction to proton nuclear magnetic resonance

Visit for notes on this topic. Thanks for watching! This video gives an outline of how proton nmr works in terms of the.

Introduction to cosy nmr spectroscopy

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Ir and nmr combo packet video key

Looks at the general order of spectral analysis and works 3 spectral identification problems given a molecular formula, ir, hnmr, and cnmr spectra.

Interpreting nmr spectra 1

Just one of many videos going through these dreaded nmr spectra that are a firm favourite with exam boards. Get a cup of tea and join in with these examples.