Ninetales sweep

This just goes to show how powerful a stab choice specs fire blast is in the sun.

Pokemon showdown: johto starters teams! (nu, ru, and uu)

In the video, i mention a message sent to me by my first opponent. I forgot to put it on the video. Heres a link to it.

Pokemon black 2 and white 2 wifi battle 15: typhlosion choice specs eruption! dangerous!

So i was slightly tired and decided to play a wifi battle. I meant to give typhlosion the choice scarf but gave him the specs instead. He was choiced into eruption.

Pbr wifi battle 1 and 2 at stargazer colosseum battle 1 starts with me using sceptile and the opponent using a gliscor. I went for a leaf storm and instantly.

Ninetails sweep

Please suggest a pokemon i should use next and leave a like it helps me alot set fancysweb? (ninetales) choice scarf ability: drought evs: 4 hp 252 spa.

Pokemon showdown 21 nine/11-tales! -ag- mit maxi

Pokemon wifi battle 4 pokemon showdown (5th gen ou) - sunshine and misplays

Mcflyeons pokemon black 2 showcase 20

Theme battle gym leader blaine

Pokemon oras vgc prep 103: choice specs help

Like goal 20 likes (read the description and support those included) qotd: what music choice is your favorite? Leagues to.