How sugar affects the brain - nicole avena

View full lesson: when you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and.

How to become gluten intolerant (funny) ultra spiritual life episode 12 - with jp sears

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Your brain only needs glucose (carbohydrates) is a myth!

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Effects of high blood sugar: wrinkled skin (part 1 of 5)

Why do some high-fruit raw vegans and fruitarians look prematurely wrinkled and old? Find out what effects surges of high blood glucose can have on the aging.

Glucose animation

Animation of glucose in the body helps explain diabetes. A clip from the art of aging program. Animation by karen lewis.

Effect of glucose deprivation on jcv t-antigen expression

By u1142249 & u1126470 introduction: jc virus (jcv) is the causative agent of the fatal human demyelinating disease, progressive multifocal.

Does blood glucose affect your heart rate -

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Continuous glucose monitor (cgm): why cant we use it?

Type 1 diabetes is a daily struggle between high and low sugar levels. One tool, a continuous glucose monitor, makes life easier. At age 65 this device is taken.

Top 5 food to avoid with diabetes

Diabetes cure: over 25 million people in the united states have diabetes and diabetes takes an enormous toll on the.

The brain, glucose and ageing

The results of some studies seem to be suggesting that our brains find it more difficult to use glucose as fuel as we age. We need more studies until we can draw.