You can actually duel with these awesome custom lightsabers

As star wars fans have grown up, so have their lightsabers. Forget cheap plastic toys, these sabers are bespoke laser blades that light up, buzz, and are made.

Rebellion jacen solo lightsaber for sale

This is a jacen solo lightsaber from the rebellion run on the fx sabers forum. I was one of the installers, and this was going to be my personal saber, but i.

Real burning lightsaber

A quick video of my lightsaber build, just in time for star wars! Music: binary sunset dj ag deep house remix by dj ag soundcloud:.

Real life lightsaber burning through stuff

Testing outside in dark: destroying phone with laser video that i promised:.

Real burning homemade lightsaber!!! styropyros version

Ive seen a few videos circulating the internet regarding homemade lightsabers, where one of the coolest designs i saw utilized a mini flamethrower. I figured i.

The most realistic lightsaber dueling experience in singapore (by the saber authority)

Every sunday dreams are made real, one lightsaber at a time. The force academy is the only place where you get to experience the full thrill of lightsaber.

Lightsaber, star wars, build a real lightsaber: bfx

This week on backyard fx we show you how to build a real lightsaber. Erik beck unearths the original lightsaber blueprints from the special effects creator for.

Could we ever build a real lightsaber?

Share on facebook we all saw the new star wars: the force awakens trailer, right? Like, 100 times? And whether youre a fan of the.

Jte lightsaber comparison by the judge

Ultrasabers have gotten a lot better but this old video was made as a joke, as you can probably tell:) enjoy. This is a comparison of a makoto, ultrasaber, and.

Real lightsaber attack

Check out allens channel for more awesome builds! for business inquiries email.