Resident evil 2 sles-00972 (uk pal) - ps1 gameshark/action replay codes

D00c5f3c xxxx leon joker d00c5edc xxxx claire joker 0021 l2o 0001 - l2 1004 - l1up item location code 800ccxxx yyzz (xxx location, yy.

Resident evil directors cut sles-00969 (uk pal) - ps1 gameshark/action replay codes

Joker d00cf844 * I suggest using the joker so you can move items around) * Buttons 0005 - l1l2 to activate the joker (if you want to use different.

Resident evil 2 (dc demo)sled-00977 (uk pal) - ps1 gameshark/action replay codes

The item code is 800a4xxx yyzz 800a4(xxx)location (yy)amount(zz)item item location code xxx - location dbc player slot1 dc0 - ps2 dc4 - ps3 dc8.

How to cheat in pcsx2 (without codebreaker or action replay)

Nexgengamer shows how easy it is to cheat in pcsx2 - without ar max iso or codebreaker hope you enjoy. Details as promised below links as.

Pokemon diamond and pearl action replay codes: episode 1

Warning: not all codes tested, use at your own risk!! 4 pokemon.

Resident evil 2 sles-00972 (uk pal) - ps1 leons gameshark/action replay codes simplified

These codes are for leon only health fine d00c5f3c 0011 l2triangle to activate 800c794a 00ff backpack 800cc4bc 0001 crate anywhere d00c5f3c 0021.

Action replay codes for pokemon dp v.1

Please read these cheats work only in the usa version of the game. Only the arceus, darkrai, manaphy and shaymin event work in all of the regions. Anyone.

Mario kart ds action replay codes - 1cc

The fastest race in mario kart history. Anyhow, this code makes every race 1cc no matter what cc you originally selected. This code should work in all modes.

How to use cheat codes menu in the epsxe emulator 1.9.25

Note you have to put hashtag in your cheat name. Download epsxe full biosplugins: psx/ps1 cheat codes games.

Contra: legacy of war playstation 1 ps1 game (part 2) (using action replay)

Releases in 1996 for the playstation 1, contra: legacy of war was a top-down shooting game that was developed by appaloosa interactive (formerly.