Demo aircooler demonstration of air cooler(2)

Tips to use the new cooler for better results. Use the guidlines and follow the steps. Any queries free to call merchant enterprised 0250-6067786or visit our.

Symphony ice cube air cooler - star cj alive

Here is something that could make your summer breezy and relaxing. Symphony air cube ice cooler is the perfect one for your home

Air cooler - review midea ac120-u penyejuk udara

Ini adalah video tentang review midea ac120-u penyejuk udara.. Bagi anda yang merasa gerah dengan cuaca yang panas dan sumuk hehe.. Mungkin air.

A very simple method for making an air conditioner

Walton air cooler video tutorial

Evaporative air cooler is the new addition in home appliances category of walton brand. The evaporative air coolers are built to maximize energy efficiency.

Homemade air conditioner diy the 5 gallon bucket air cooler! diy- can be solar powered!

How to make a non-compressor based 5 gallon bucket air conditioner. Simple diy. Items needed: bucket, styrofoam liner, pvc pipe, small fan, and ice.

Homemade air conditioner (use ice from water for better effect)

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Cl30xc honeywell indoor air cooler (us)

Havells air coolers product video

Presenting havells new innovative range of air coolers for this summer - havells freddo and fresco series.

Homemade evaporative air cooler! simple box fan conversion - easy instructions!

How to make an evaporative air cooler out of a box fan! Evap./swamp coolers are great for dry climates. Step by step instructions will show you how to do it. Can.