Superior technology of ancient egypt civilization full documentary

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Orgone ancient technology mitakuye oyasin - medicine wheels made of quartz

Make medicine wheels made up of entirely quartz. Youll need a compass.

Free energy??!! amethyst quartz crystal power!!

Is this the way of the future?? Quartz crystals powering objects in our homes? We know that quartz crystals can be programmed, and this is evidence of that!

Oat supplies - orgone ancient technology

All you need is rocks. I believe quartz rocks are the most influential. Start gathering them every chance you get.

Oat day 8 orgone ancient technology - black helicopters love this stuff!!!

Few planes drop chemtrails. Hours after i set up another orgone anchient technology, the planes dont drop anything. Every time i set up a oat device, black.

Suppressed archaeological evidence of ancient mankind

Exploring emerging and suppressed evidence from archaeology, anthropology, and biology, frank joseph challenges conventional theories of evolution, the.

Secrets of ancient egyptian technology - discovery/history/science (documentary)

Secrets of ancient egyptian technology (documentary). Thanks for watching. History discovery science earth planet channel national geographic nature world.

More lost ancient high technology of egypt part 1 of 2

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The secret of the technology used in crystal skulls has stil not been unraveled

The secret of the technology used in crystal skulls has stil not been unraveled on 1 january, 1924, britains anna mitchell hedges.

Primitive technology: stone axe (celt)

The manufacture of a stone ax including the handle from using only primitive tools and materials. It is a celt (pronounced selt) a type of ax with a polished stone.