Activist shareholders pros and cons

Shareholders are not always right, says morgan stanleys global head of m&a, robert kindler. In light of carl icahn and seneca capitals successful effort to.

How activist investing is reshaping the boardroom: a new dawn for corporate governance?

Moderator david faber, journalist and co-anchor, cnbc speakers gene lee, president and ceo, darden restaurants inc. Raymond j. Mcguire, global head,.

What is an activist investor, exactly?

Activist investors love to grab headlines. But what do they do, exactly? Heres paddy hirsch with a short explainer.

Debby goldsberry - cannabis legend, co-founder of bpg and magnolia wellness

In this episode brandon interviews debby goldsberry, the current ambassador for magnolia wellness and a long-time cannabis activist and legend. Debby also.

Cnbc - activist shareholders

Bill discusses activist shareholders cnbc.

Shareholders, supersized: on activist hedge fund investors

The so-called activist investors flocking to wall street are major shareholders with hedge fund money, and they are using their clout to push around companies.

Preparing for activist investors

A challenge by an activist investor creates a sensitive and complex dilemma for the ceo of any public company.

In business: the pros & cons of the infosys buyback

Two former cfos and a former director of infosys have written a letter to the board of the company asking that it go in for a record buyback to restore confidence.

Activist shareholders are gaining support

At the deals m&a outlook 2009 conference tuesday, panelists discussed how and why activist shareholders are gaining support. In this video matthew.

Economic 360 shareholder activism impact on companies - u.s. bank business watch - 4/20/14

What is shareholder activism and how does it impact companies? Nolan kamerer, u. s. Bank portfolio manager, discusses the pros and cons of this.