Top best rock and roll classic (50s) video and dance moves

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Rockin rollin roaring 50s dance move

This was the instructional video that was used for the 50th anniversary dance night held at the benitez hall in teachers camp, baguio city. Special thanks to.

50s dance moves

History project. Shot and edited on ipad. One weekend wonder.

Rock n roll (classic) video mix 50s and 60s...america never stops dancing

50s and 60s video mix.. america never stops dancing video edited by ivan hernandez.. a 2010 tribute to all rock and roll singers and performers whom.

Rock around the clock - demo dance to the 60s

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The original stroll - february 1958

On a local television dance show in idaho in february 1958, local teens dance to one of the biggest dance crazes out of the late-1950s called the stroll, which.

Real 1950s rock & roll, rockabilly dance from lindy hop!

Real 1950s rock & roll, rockabilly dance teenage style!

Rockin rollin rockabilly dance


66 (old) movie dance scenes mashup (mark ronson-uptown funk o mars)

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50s 60s 70s dance moves