Lax special flight rules; 4 airport tour in the los angeles area

Cessna 172, n65411 landing at: hawthorne (khhr), whiteman (kwhp), van nuys (kvny), and camarillo (kcma).

Uber and lyft now picking up at lax!

Los angeles city councilman joe buscaino uses uber ride share during first day of service availabilty at lax.

Lax uber where to park to wait for your calls

This is where you need to park to wait for your calls if your working in lax. city of los angeles. make sure you have your.

How to get an uber airport ride (lax, sfo, etc)

If youve been wondering why you cant call an uber at certain airports anymore, this video will help passengers figure out how to get around that problem.

Uber drivers waiting at airports for pick ups-is it worth it?

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All about airport pickups and dropoffs with uber and lyft

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Joe rogan talks about ufc rules while departing at lax airport in los angeles

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Flight from santa monica to john wayne via lax mini route

This is a video of my short sunset flight from santa monica (smo) back to john wayne (sna). I flew via the mini route, one of the vfr transition routes through.

Lax special flight rules

Khhr - kbur, flying to the valley. Ewwww 3/17.

Lax special flight rule south-east bound