8 month anniversary gift!!! cynthia cardona

What should we do next? Leave a comment below. Dont forget to give this video a thumbs up if youre reading this! Twitter cynthiaacardona.

Diy gift ideas for your boyfriend!

You can gift these to friends also! D im on instagram!! stuff used in video: white crewneck sweaters sharpie stained.

8 months anniversary present

If you dont have anything nice to say then dont bother writing it! Get a fuckin life!! A video i made for my boyfriend for our 8 months.

Our 8 month anniversary i got him a stun gun, he hid my gift in his shirt

8 month anniversary!

This was my 8 month anniversary with my amazing boyfriend cory! 2016 update: yes, we are still tog. (5 years in october 2016).

Keos 8 month surprise anniversary present

Okay so what happened was that it was our 8 month anniversary and i wanted to do something special for keo. So for dance class at school, we had to perform a.

Diy gift ideas for him or her - anniversary, valentines day and more

Great diy gift ideas for your significant other on any special occasion! I gave my boyfriend all of these for our anniversary and he loved them. You can also adjust.

1 month anniversary gift ideas for my boyfriend

1 month anniversary gift ideas for my boyfriend.

8th month anniversary gift for my boyfriend

25-10-2012 i made this video for my boyfriend jonathan as our 8th month anniversary gift. We couldnt celebrate together because we long distance relationship.

Kitty kats 8 month anniversary gift