Corbin bernsen and kirsten nelson talk psych season 8

Corbin bernsen and kirsten nelson talk about henry and former chief vicks roles in psych season 8. That and corbins running mate in 2016.

Kirsten nelson (chief karen vick) interview for psych at comic con 2010

Chuck the movieguy interviews the lovely kirsten nelson (i love her) who plays chief karen vick on usa networks great show psych!

Psychs kirsten nelson and corbin bernsen on chief vicks suspension and more at comic-con 2013

Kirsten nelson and corbin bernsen in the press room for psych at comic-con 2013.

Psych-kirsten nelson-season 8 interview

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Psych beauty: chief vick inspired makeup tutorial!

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Psych season 8 intro fanmade v3

With the scenes from the eight seasons promo.

Psych season 8: kirsten nelson & corbin bernsen interview

Psych series stars kirsten nelson & corbin bernsen talk about what fans can expect from season 8 of psych at comic-con 2013. - visit.

Maggie lawson and timothy omundson on psych season 8 at comic-con 2013

Psych fan appreciation day- ziegfeld theater nyc 10-6-11 (part 1)

After fans watched the season 6 premiere, andy berman introduces steve franks (creator), timothy omundson (lassie), corbin bernsen (henry), maggie.

Psych - season 8 interview kelly kulchak, steve franks & chris henze at comic con 2013