San francisco comedians stand up against ellis act evictions

Comedians nato green, kate willet, matt lieb, nicole calasich, juan medina and sean keane all stood up to argue for increased relocation payments for san.

Economic: obama stimulus, auto plummets, construction drops, states increase traffic fees

Obama works on a 775 billion dollar stimulus package, san francisco considers driving fees, the asian car companies struggle, russia cuts gas to the.

San francisco dungeon invites to explore the barbary costs murky past

The san francisco dungeon is a walking tour of the citys scary, fun past. Guests will travel back in time to the gold mines of sutters creek, brave the treacherous.

Silicon valley rallies against sopa, says the bill would cost jobs.

About 200 people in san francisco railed against legislators for considering sopa and pipa. Craig newmark, the founder of craigslist, echoed the feelings of.

One reason homes cost so much

Very high house prices arent an act of god or a fact of nature. Theyre the result of all sorts of policy and design mistakes which we should try to understand.

San francisco relocation fee owner move in eviction

Today we are talking about san franciscos tenant relocation.

Dc shoes ken blocks gymkhana five: ultimate urban playground; san francisco

Dc and ken block present gymkhana five: ultimate urban playground; san francisco. Shot on the actual streets of san francisco, california, gym5 features a.

Drink & drive can cost upto rs.10,000 fine as new motor vehicle amendment act passed by cabinet

Drink & drive can cost upto rs.10000 fine as new motor vehicle amendment act passed by cabinet. Watch complete news story of for getting detailed updates!

Mid-market tenants prepare for ellis act eviction kqed news

Someones trying to throw you out of your house, in a place where there are no other houses for you. Ronnie johnson, 49, doesnt know what she will do if she.

San francisco landlords fighting 117k fee to evict tenant

A san francisco couple who owns a rental unit said a fee of 117000 they will have to pay to evict a tenant from their rental unit is unconstitutional. Allen martin.