Vsg: day 1 clear liquids diet

Just quick video on my clear liquids diet today i had 2 bottles of water 4oz of lime sugar free jello 18.5 oz of unsweetened pure leaf tea 8 oz of chicken broth.

Day 1 & 2 - pre-op clear liquid diet

Just a quick showing of what i had for breakfast on my pre-liquid diet.

Day 3 & day 64 - 2 months liquid diet before/after weight loss pictures impatient dieter message

I have lost nearly 75 pounds in 2 months. I have done it in a nutritionally sound manner, with daily exercise to build muscle and burn fat, while implementing.

Day 13 clear liquid diet pre op

2 days post-op gastric bypass, clear liquid diet.

Pre op overview gastric bypass surgery. 2 day post op report. Overview of liquid diet post op.

3 day liquid diet cleanse

If you been watching the wall game on youtube, you know that i have been gaining weight for some strange reason after starting the twinkie diet. I am up.

Preparing for a colonoscopy

Prepare for your colonoscopy with these simple tips from dr. Lynn butterly, director of the colorectal cancer screening program at dartmouth-hitchcock medical.

Diy liquid glass!

Hey girl hey! Welcome back everyone! Todays diy is on liquid glass! I recently discovered crazy aarons amazing putty and i knew i had to try and recreate.

Day before surgery clear liquid diet lapband

Yippeee its the day before surgery. On my clear liquids.

1 day pre op!