Introduce oracle enhanced adapter for activerecord - rubykaigi 2014

Talker: yasuo honda oracle enhanced adapter is one of the 3rd party activerecord database adapters.

Activerecord migrations - theyre kind of cool!

Today turned out to be pretty tough, but somewhere around 5:30 i had a huge realization about migrations and it all clicked for me. Hopefully i can pass that a-ha.

Sprint 17 report

Manageiq sprint 17 report - sprint end january 5, 2015 january 7, 2014 overview sprint statistics rest api vm management actions (a. Bellotti) jquery.

Building , part 14 - adding search & a like button (ruby on rails)

Need some search functionality. We have the form in the view header and just need to connect it up on the server. Also want to try and get the like.

Orm, data mapper and active record - q&a

Lets cover the m in mvc this month, so refresher time!?! Orm, data mapper and active record. Lets dive into persistence layers, baking objects out of.

Tutorial: connect to ms sql server from ruby on rails

Step by step guide to connecting to microsoft sql server from ruby on rails on os x.

Doctrine, object persistence, and you with jeremy mikola

The doctrine project has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a sql-centric active record library. No longer just an orm, the project now implements.

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Whats new in ruby 2.3

Rails school sf 2016-03-22

Railscasts - 148 app templates in rails 2.3

Join me on blayze! - in rails 2.3 you can provide a template when generating a new rails application. See how in this episode.. Original.