How to: coffin shaped nails

In this video, i show you how to cut a coffin shaped nail tip and apply a clear acrylic overlay. Filmed with my canon 500d and edited with sony vegas 12 get the.

How to ballerina or coffin nail shape acrylic nail

How to achieve to perfect ballerina/coffin acrylic nail shape. I hope this helps you all lovelies. Dont forget to request any videos in the comments! Share and like.

Clear almond gel nail construction read description box

This is a gel construction video on how i construct build a almond clear gel nail with a form. This is my way.. and it is for the gel series i started to help others.

Coffin ballerina shaped nails - e060

Coffin ballerina shaped nails - e060 products available at -clear acrylic -glitter mix fairytale -glam color rose gold -high gloss.

How to create an elegant ballerina ombre

In this video kirsty shows us how to create an elegant ombre design. Perfect for a full set for every day, or add a little detailing to make it a little more special for.

Glass gel see -thru tip coffin nails

Suzie demonstrates how to build gel sculpted nails, and uses gel for its advantage: creating clear, see-thru tips. This video is detailed, and full of great tips.

How to create ballerina pastel ombre nails

In this video, kirsty shows how to create a ballerina shaped nail with a pastel ombre and embellishments. This design is perfect for both special occasions and.

How to sculpt an extreme ballerina nail

For this design you will need: form buffer nail prep/dehydrator acid free nail primer.

Ballerina/coffin nails - how-to acrylic nails using crystal nails liquid and powder

Hey everyone, so for my video this week i thought id try out a new shape of nail, and i have to say that i really like it. So the products i used were from crystal.

Ballerina nails how-to and bornpretty reivew

Hey everybody, so i know this is a long video and i hope you can bear with it, i just wanted to make sure that i did the items from bornpretty store justice as they.