Storm actress on upgraded powers and turning to the dark side

Actress alexandra shipp explains her upgraded powers and what makes her side with apocalypse. follow ign for more!

Alexandra shipp on mastering storms powers

Alexandra shipp worried shed look really dumb pretending to shoot lightning out of her hands in x-men: apocalypse, so was relieved when it appeared cool.

Alexandra kristin powers reptilian hollywood hybrid

Alexandra kristin powers last man standing reptilian hybrid exposed alexandra kristin powers (born september 9, 1967) is an american former actress.

Alexandra shipp on mastering storms powers

New storm photo from x-men: apocalypse

Actress alexandra shipp has released a behind-the-scenes photo of herself as storm in x-men: apocalypse. In the new movie, apocalypse, the first and most.

Top 10 best alexandra daddario movies and tv shows

Top 10 best alexandra daddario movies and tv shows alexandra anna daddario is an american actress and model best known for playing annabeth chase in.

Actress alexandra shipp teases storm cameo in x-mens new mutants

Alexandra shipps ororo munroe a. k. a. Storm, all of whom play vital roles in the new movie. Storm is quite possibly one of the more interesting fresh faces to.

Mermaid secret life ep 2 se 1

Mermaid secrets episode 2 season 1 credits filming maryuri style actress - alexandra life ( liv ) jenniferworld (rebecca) liv finds necklace and what.

Alexandra shipp explains the difference between her storm and halle berrys

Actress alexandra shipp will be portraying a younger version of the mutant storm in the upcoming x-men: apocalypse, which is a departure from the normal.

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