Clever container summer supplement 2016

Check out clever containers new insulated market basket as well as the new clever fresh vacuum-sealed canisters.

Clever container party demo by judy stahl, national conference 2014 1

This is a shortened version of a clever demo. Done at a training session at our national conference 2014.

Difference between revolution and your pwp

Get a brief explanation of both revolution and the clever container pwp.

Paychecks and products with clever container

This is a video for new consultants to give them basic information on their commission potential and the rso program.

Clever fresh from clever container

Here is a short tutorial on how to use your clever fresh products!

Learn to earn with clever container - introduction

Learn about clever containers unique business opportunity.

Clever container opportunity event

Do you picture yourself clever? Clever container is the only direct sales company that specializes in home organizational products. Find out more about our.

Clever container conference training on party demos 2014 w/ judy stahl, senior director

Clever container - zipvac

Clever container - clever cache

Via youtube capture.