Zambezi river,low water 4

A huge surf in rapid 18 oblivion. Are you ready?

Extreme sport: white water rafting down the mighty zambezi river, zimbabwe

Join the honeymoon couple and mantis extreme on a thrilling, adrenaline filled journey of a lifetime down the mighty zambezi river.

Zambezi river rafting action - safpar

A group of adventures participated in a white water river rafting experience in the fierce zambezi river in zambia,.

Zambezi whitewater rafting gopro full hd part 1

Various nations combined on the 7th of september 2013 to become one team. Together they faced the worlds best one day rafting and conquered. See part 2 for.

Steve fisher kayaking africas zambezi river

Watch steve fisher take on some of the most dangerous whitewater on the planet as he kayaks the zambezi river and talks about each thrilling moment.

Zambezi white water rafting video - october 2012

Amazing experience on the low water zambezi with great guides and helpers. Lots of action, sunshine, water and most importantly fun!

The mighty zambezi river

Check out this stellar footage from our recent visit to zambia on the zambezi river! New for 2012, the zambezi is home to some of the most notorious class v.

Jet boating the zambezi river, zambia

Day 203 and my time in livingstone is really now starting to come to an end. Ive been waiting around trying to finish up some work projects and hoping the.

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Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as.

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