Railsconf 2016 level-up your activerecord skills: learn sql! by ryan dlugosz

Level-up your activerecord skills: learn sql! By ryan dlugosz activerecord is a great tool, but knowing sql can help you to build better, faster applications.

Active record: just in time sql queries

Active record allows us to build queries by chaining methods together. How does this work, and when do the sql queries actually get fired off to the database?

Databases & rails: database backed models with activerecord

This is the second week in my database course at the university of texas. This video covers how we can use activerecord to build database backed models.

Railsconf 2014 -advanced arel: when activerecord just isnt enough

By cameron dutro we all love rails, and lots of us love activerecord. Its intuitive and easy to use in small apps that dont have lots of models. You can select.

Dont fear sql: when and how to use postgresql over activerecord

Kinsey durham speaking at develop denver 2015.

How to insert update and delete records from a table (executing sql statements in vba) part 3/5

How to insert update and delete records from a table (executing sql statements in access vba) part 3 - sql insert into statement my blog.

Dev discussions - activerecord, data mapper, and doctrine

In this video, we discuss activerecord, doctrine, data mapper, value objects, and some other stuff. Dev discussions is a movement trying to make public the.

Beginning yii tutorial: simplifying database queries using yiis activerecord class

In this video, well look into adding new columns to the albums data model class, specifying new validation rules and removing unwanted search terms. Part of.

Sql injection prevention part 6

C, sql server, wcf, mvc and asp. net video tutorials for beginners in this video we will learn about 1.

Tutorial: connect to ms sql server from ruby on rails

Step by step guide to connecting to microsoft sql server from ruby on rails on os x.