Help desk: active vs. passive speakers

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Active speakers vs passive speakers

When choosing pro-audio speakers, one common question comes to mind - whats the difference between active speakers and passive speakers? Product.

Loud speakers explained - with mike

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Mobile dj speakers - what to buy? active or passive, rcf or mackie or jbl

Are you a mobile dj or dj looking for new speakers? Not to sure if to go for active or passive, rcf or mackie? This video i hope to explain all. Like, share.

Dj tips: how to hook up powered & passive speakers together

Just a little tip for young djs that just started out.

How to connect a power amplifier to passive loudspeakers

In this video i discuss how to match and connect a power amplifier to passive loudspeakers in the context of live sound reinforcement. Although active speakers.

Powered and passive speakers - basics

A video covering the basics of powered and passive speakers. This is a continuation from my first video about small pa setups. It is meant as an introductory so.

Active vs passive speakers volunteer tech vlog

Volunteer tech vlog when it comes to speakers there is much that can be said. I think a logical place to start is with how speakers are.

Pmc loudspeakers talks active vs passive speakers

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