3d glasses: passive vs active 3d

Descubre las diferencias entre gafas de obturacin activa y gafas polarizadas.

Passive vs active 3d tech backgrounder - tech in style

There are two common types of 3d display currently available - passive and active. They both have their pros and cons. Spode and bethan take us through how.

Unboxing samsung 3d active glasses and pairing them with a sony 4k ultra 3d tv

Thanks to the universal 3d signal now found in newer televisions, you can now cross pair glasses with televisions of different brands. This isnt being advertised.

Ifa 2012 sony 84 4k passive 3d led tv - digitalversus

Ifa berlin 2012.

Active vs passive 3d

A really brief minimal tech geek speak description. Enjoy the video and hit the thumbs up button below!

3d: active, passive, & anaglyph

Lets take a look at 3d technologies available for home entertainment.

Lg cinema 3d (passive vs active)

A short lg electronics demo of 3d content for more info visit:

3d active/passive roller coaster - test 3d side by side

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3d active/passive mountain coaster (night) - pov 3d experience side by side

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How to choose the best 3d glasses (active or passive)

Check out more 3d tv features from the pros at lg how to choose the best 3d glasses (active or passive) television expert perry.