Global warning - antarctica ice melting fast global warming potential sea level rise of 75 metres

Global warning - antarctica ice melting fast global warming potential sea level rise of 70 metres.

Target 2041 - what is the impact of global warming on antarctica?

For live blog coverage of the international antarctic expedition 2013:

The white contnent: climate change and antarctica

Antarctica is a continent of superlatives; the highest, the driest, the coldest, the most remote. This is the white continent, a land of unending beauty and.

Climate change 130-km-long crack might cause antarctic larsen c ice shelf to break off - tomonews

Antarctica the effects of global warming have reached even the coldest corners of the world, and now threaten to collapse antarcticas fourth-largest ice.

The antarctica challenge - a global warning

The antarctica challenge is a one-hour documentary that will go to the source of the climate change crisis: antarctica. Here we will explore first-hand the.

The effects of global warming on antarctica

I created this video with the youtube video editor ( the following scenes are from happy feet two. Just because its in a movie,.

What the earth would look like if all the ice melted

We learned last year that many of the effects of climate change are irreversible. Sea levels have been rising at a greater rate year after year, and the.

The hidden impacts of climate change

Diplomats from around the world have spent more than 20 years trying unsuccessfully to hammer out a united nations agreement on climate change. This year.

Global warming: antarctic glaciers melting rapidly & irreversibly

A study led by nasa researchers shows that half-a-dozen key glaciers in the west antarctic ice sheet are in irreversible decline. The melting of these sprawling.

Effects of climate change more evident in antarctica

This year marks the 50th anniversary since the antarctic treaty was created to help govern and protect the frozen continent of antarctica. Diplomats, scientists.