Advanced normalization strategies for chip-seq

Brian egan, epigenetics services manager at active motif discusses a novel chip-seq spike-in strategy and shows how normalization of chip-seq data using.

28th july 2015 multiplex profiling of epigenetic modifications

In this webinar, mary anne jelinek ph. d., senior research scientist at active motif will discuss our histone h3 ptm multiplex assay and its advantages over.

High resolution mapping with chip-exo

Bryce alves ph. d., research scientist at active motif will discuss chip-exo, a powerful technique for high-resolution mapping of transcription factor binding sites.

From implanted patterns to regulatory motifs (part 1)

Which dna patterns play the role of molecular clocks? (part 1/6)

How genes are regulated: transcription factors

Like us on facebook: each cell in our body inherits the same master copy of dna,.

Gene regulation

031 - gene regulation paul andersen explains how genes are regulated in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. He begins with a description of the lac and trp.

How methylation silences genes

When cpg islands are methylated, a gene may be repressed. I am not the creator of this video. All credit is due to hhmi.

Higher order nucleosome structure

Nucleosome structure model - this lecture is about nucleosome assembly and packaging. download the study materials here-.

Discovery studio visualizer 3.5: making 3d protein/dna videos

This is a quick tutorial for how to make smooth 3d videos of proteins or dna using crystal structure files. The software is discovery studio visualizer from.

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